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Fanchento is a non-classical form of martial arts kickswhich is heavily influenced by the principles of Jeet Kune Do (the art of the late master Bruce Lee) and Ju Jitsu.


The Fanchento system is recognised as a system of Ju Jitsu by a number of bodies (click here) and the founder of Fanchento, Grandmaster Michael Davidow holds amongst his other degrees an 8th dan in Ju Jitsu and is technical advisor to the Ju Jitsu Council of South Africa.


This association with Ju Jitsu has a number of advantages for our members:

  • Fanchento grades are recognised by the international Ju Jitsu body the United Nations of Ju Jitsu

  • Fanchento practitioners have access to the strategic and technical knowledge of Ju Jitsu

  • Fanchento practitioners can participate in Ju Jitsu competitions.


Information for Beginners

Fanchento Kung Fu for adults initially satisfies the need for security and health and for this reason beginning classes focus on fitness and self defence.


However, once this need is satisfied, there is ant emphasis on understanding how our bodies work, and how we can optimise its efficiency.


This level is transcended in the students own time, and then using the body as a tool, the deeper spiritual aspects of martial arts are explored.


This is a very brief and broad description of the Fanchento path. Not all practitioners or teachers follow this route in this sequence or even cover all these aspects but they are available to all.


Martial arts for children satisfies different developmental urges.


If you wish to confirm the qualifications of your instructor, or wish for independent advice on training please contact us.

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