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sakuraThe South African Fanchento Kung Fu Federation is the primary body that regulates Fanchento.


The International Council of Fanchento Martial Arts (I.C.F.M.A) is an international not for profit organisation. It's objective is to promote and spread the practice of Fanchento around the world. The Council was established by the President and founder Grandmaster Michael Davidow (Mickey).


The Federation regulates all aspects of the system and this includes:

  • Maintaining standards of Instructors
  • Confirming Gradings
  • Maintaining the high standard of conduct associated with our instructors
  • Arranging seminars for practitioners and instructors from around the world
  • Dissemination of new concepts and developments in the system
  • Ensuring a consistent standard in all schools, clubs and academies by providing a consistent curriculum


The constitution of the council in available on request if accompanied by a letter of motivation.

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